Stories: Hurricane House

After the tragedy that was 9-11, many people had stories about how " . . . There but for the grace of God go I" . . . people who decided at the last minute to work at home that day, or missed their train, or left the office for a meeting . . . and so, by luck, dodged a tragedy. There's plenty of tragedy after Hurricane Katrina . . . but also, a few stories about a little bit of good luck. WPSU's Cynthia Berger has this story about a guy who fell in love with a house and a large, close-knot family that has found a new home in Dubois. To help this family and other families affected by Hurricane Katrina, you may contact the DuBois chapter of the American Red Cross at 152 W. Long Ave., DuBois PA 15801 or call the chapter (814) 371-2750.