Penn State Forum: Dr. Lucia Rohrer Murphy, Performance Improvement Designers

"LeaderSpeak: Debunking the Myths that Keep Leaders Playing Small" Dr. Lucia Rohrer Murphy, aka "Doctor Murph," is a leading authority in team development and sustainable leadership practices who has inspired organizations and individuals to leverage their unique strengths and talents to create Success that Sticks. Doctor Murph has developed her expertise from over 20 years of corporate and academic experience, using an integrated approach to draw out the genius already in her clients. On the corporate side, Lucia, a Penn State grad, has made significant contributions to marketing, strategy, and human performance technology for Fortune 500 companies, including Xerox, Frito-Lay and Campbell Soup. She has inspired and developed leaders in major corporations, worldclass academic institutions and innovative business interests of all sizes. Through her leadership of and Doctor Murph Events she offers presentations, seminars, retreat facilitation and individual executive development. Lucia is renowned for her intelligent wit and enthusiasm, which engages and delights her audiences everywhere. Lucia is the author of the new book, "LeaderSpeak: 7 Conversations that Create Sustainable Success." An avid runner and accomplished woman of laughter and energy, Lucia lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her husband and children, along with various and sundry pets.