As the World Examines Penn State, the University Begins to Examine Itself (Excerpt of an Hour-Long Panel Discussion for Awards Consideration)

December 31, 1969

Penn State Public Broadcasting and host Patty Satalia broadcast a special live one-hour radio program following Sunday's installment of This American Life, which is featuring Penn State in the episode, "Back to Penn State." This is a re-broadcast of the December, 2009 episode, "#1 Party School," with new interviews recorded this past week with Penn State fans and loyalists trying to make sense of the current crisis. Satalia, Michael B?rub?, Damon Sims and Penn State student Rowan Nasser discussed the reactions and responses to the events unfolding at Penn State during the past two weeks and the steps the University will take to move forward. (Please note, this is a short excerpt specifically for award consideration. The segment originally aired on 11/20/11.)